Our anti-bias statement has been developed in accordance with that of the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs. This statement states that as a team of staff, we will strive to educate children of all races, religions, family, backgrounds, cultures, gender, abilities, and ethnicity with equal respect and consideration. Our child care program provides children of both gender with equal opportunities to take part in all activities. Books, dolls, toys, photos, art work, crafts, and recordings that reflect diverse images will be used in daily activities and events for education. We initiate activities and discussions to build knowledge of value in difference and a positive self identity. Positive discussion is encouraged about each child’s physical characteristics and cultural heritage.

Cultural diversity is an American norm. Recognition of and respect for unique cultural heritage is essential. Culture provides a source of identity, a framework for interpreting the world, the basis for a feeling of belonging, and the basis for aesthetic values. With these statements, our child care center will make a firm rule that a person’s identity is never an acceptable reason for humiliation or rejection.

Please help us to continue to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the personal identities and framework involved in our center’s families by filling out a background form in the Family Handbook.