In the Einstein classroom our focus is kindergarten readiness. As part of our Preschool program, Young Scholars purchased a Pre-Kindergarten Literacy and Math program based on the kindergarten curriculum of Cotton Creek Elementary and Robert Crown Elementary/District 118.

Our staff worked very closely with the Curriculum Director of School District 118 to develop a curriculum that directly correlates to that of District 118 elementary schools. Essentially, both Young Scholars and School District 118 are using the same curriculum for math and literacy which will provide a smooth transition for our preschoolers when they enter kindergarten.

Young Scholars is the first preschool to work with school district #118 regarding Pre-Kindergarten curriculum and purchasing the same curriculum. We are excited being able to offer this to our students and being able to begin their academic careers with a strong base in these two subjects.

Our Teachers

Miss Caitlin
Miss Michelle
Miss Lluvia