Curriculum Areas, Skills, & Objectives

Communication & Language

Conversations, stories, sharing, word games, puppets, songs, loud, soft, high, low, left, right, body parts, finger plays, writing, scribbling, and coloring.

Math Readiness

Counting, measuring, shapes, comparing (size, color, weight, shape), grouping, estimating numbers, matching, separating, and classifications.

Science & Nature

Discovering how things work, floating, sinking, balancing, friction, wheels, magnets, freezing, melting, weighing, learning about living things through observing, caring for and talking about plants and animals, seasons, and weather.

Physical Education

Motor skills developed through the use of games, puzzles, tools, paints, crayons, clay, sand, water, and other manipulative materials, building, carrying, climbing, lifting, pushing, throwing, catching, balancing, running, jumping, pedaling, and group games.


Experience with rhythm, movement, music, color, pictures, crafts, songs, clay, chalk, instruments, dramatic play, and puppets.

Reading Readiness

Shapes, stories, books, alphabet and fine motor abilities.

Social Studies

Family, community, holidays, cultures, days of the week, and months of the year.

Health and Safety

Daily hygiene, sun safety, accepting limits for safety, exposure to health and safety rules, awareness of body and what it can do, nutrition.

Practical Life

Self-care, buttoning, snapping, cleaning chores, snack activities, manners, and appropriate school behavior.

Our Teachers

Miss Beth
Miss Cailee