Growing and Keeping Kids Together

I wanted to say Thank you for all the years we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the Young Scholars Family.

We’ve been with you since my youngest was only 6 months old. That has been 7 1/2 years of attending as a student and another 7 years of being involved as my children have volunteered during summer breaks.

Both children have absolutely loved coming there and always felt safe and cared for. We as parents felt the ame way and didn’t have to worry. You never turned down our daughter, even when everyone else did. You always asked what to expect and what you could do for her to help. That alone means more to my husband and I than you could imagine.

The Young Scholars staff has always been great and such wonderful people to work with. You always challenge the kids instead of just watching them daily. The programs you have are above any others and that’s what makes you stand out.

This isn’t goodbye, since we will be popping up here and there, but I wanted to take the time to tell you how lucky we were to have been part of Young Scholars. You all do such a wonderful job and I’m sure you will grow and grow.

My best to all of you and we will be seeing you again soon…

-The A. Family

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