A Beautiful Portfolio

First, I want to thank you Picasso Teachers for the beautiful portfolio that came home yesterday. I definitely wasn’t expecting it and I had so much fun looking over the pictures taken during our time with Young Scholars Child Care Center. I never expected to walk away with such a wonderful keepsake given he was only in your care one day a week. This was another testament to how wonderful all of you are! I can tell by the pictures that my son loved and had a lot of fun during his time with you.

I want the Directors to know how very pleased we are with the care my son has received this year. Transitioning into school one day a week created some difficult mornings when he didn’t want to separate. He warmed up to you all right away and was definitely attached to you. I always appreciated your patience and the kindness you showed him during those difficult mornings. It made it much easier for me to leave him and go to work. Yesterday I walked into the classroom and Ms. Jo was bent down hugging my son and he had his head on her shoulder. Nothing was wrong, he just needed some extra loving. It’s moments like those that parents always wish they could see while their child is in the care of someone else (while no one else knew they were looking). No one knew I was there and it was sooooo heart warming to see how he is treated. It further validated the trust I already had in your team. He happily gave his teachers hugs and I am SURE you will be missed.

Thank you for everything!

– The S. Family

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