A Family says Good-bye after many years

“After 10 years it’s time to finally say goodbye.  Throughout the years, you have been there for all the important milestones of our children’s lives.  From holding their own bottle, to watching them crawl and walk and finally to run.  You’ve helped potty train and taught them the ABC’s and 123’s. You helped them learn their names, phone numbers, and to tie their shoes.  The list is endless.

Our kids have made friendships within these walls that I’m sure will carry on for years to come.

We thank you for all the long hours, endless days, and holding them when they weren’t feeling well or if they just needed a hug.  We thank you for the support and you’re encouragement when the kids tried something new.  We especially thank you for being so kind and good to our kids and we shall never forget all of this.

We wish you all the success and best for all the future years to come.”

-The P. Family

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