Andrew’s look back at his days here at Young Scholars

Dear Kora and Staff at Young Scholars,

I wanted to send a quick informal letter to say thank you for a job well done!

For most parents choosing a daycare facility is a very tough decision and something that requires much thought and consideration.  For me there was something that had me hooked on Young Scholars the day of my first visit.

Andrew was welcomed into the Franklin Room with smiling faces and open arms. Both Ms. Chrys and Ms. Shannon do an amazing job corralling a group of 3 year-olds. Drew was thrilled that he got to bring his best friend, Buck, to school and snuggle with him at naptime. He also came home with wonderful art projects and stories about his day that eased my anxiety about being away from him. A favorite activity = RELEASING THE FROGS!

He then thought he was a big shot when he got to move up to the Einstein Room. Although he had some struggles because he felt being a BIG guy meant he did not have to take a nap… he really enjoyed Ms. Kelly and Ms. Michelle and all the fun activities. He established friendships that continue even now that he is out of school. A favorite activity = PLAYING WITH SHAVING CREAM!!

This spring Andrew transitioned from the Einstein Room to the BIG KID room to hang with his Galileo friends. He realized he had reached the room where the naps were no MORE and he could not have been more excited. Ms. Amy and Ms. Marcie are to be commended for handling the kids with KID gloves, but stern voices. He looked forward to his “Job of the Day.” Drew could recognize the progress he was making in his academics as well. A favorite activity = A TOOTIE TA A TOOTIE TA!!!

I also have to mention that Ms. Jeannine and her friends in the Mozart Room were always so nice to us as we peeked in the windows to watch the babies.

Ms. Kristen and Ms. Nicole are great assets to your organization. Any time there was a question or concern they handled it completely and professionally. I have the upmost respect and appreciation for all that you do to make Young Scholars a GREAT place to be.

Thank you for all your smiles and hard work. We will miss you all!

-The M. Family

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