My name is Miss Jeannine. I have been working at Young Scholars since January of 2001 and I look forward to many more years. Before I came to work at Young Scholars I worked as a Camp counselor and I was the lead teacher at a before and after school program in Wauconda for 3 years.

When I first started working at Young Scholars I was in the Infant room for 14 years and in 2015 I wanted a little more of a challenge so I am now working in the two year old and it is has been the best experience ever!!

I currently have my CDA in Infant and Toddlers. I reside in Ingleside IL with my husband, my two boys and our dog, Athena.

As a family we really enjoy bowling. My boys are on a bowling league and on a traveling bowling team and my oldest son bowls on a team for his high school so bowling is a very big part of our lives! I never thought that I would be a bowling mom and work at an amazing daycare for so many years.

The best part of my job is knowing that you have made such a big impact on a someones life.