Magical Memories

I would personally like to thank all of the teachers for being there for a “mom” who needed to have the peace of mind that when dropping off her daughter she was in good hands and that her teachers would care for her the same ways I would. This began with Ms. Jeannine, who everyday reassured me, “she is doing great-mom” to Ms. Chanda who dealt with our youngsters, ‘Terrible Two’s’-with the patience and determination like only she can. The Franklin Team-Ms. Chrys, while she ran a tight ship-began molding our little ones and taught them about manners & friendship and helped shape my “Spaz” and Ms. Shannon, who encouraged my daughter to be herself and an independent little girl-because as we know redheads are awesome! Ms. Marcie, who seemed to follow my sweet daughter through the rooms made my daughter feel special. Ms. Rylee who was always there for a hug or to talk to about her nails. Finally the Galileo Room teachers, who took on a group of unique individuals who had been together many years and helped them to expand their horizons and imagination while teaching them life’s basic fundamentals. And to all the other teachers along the way that made an impact in my girls life.

To Ms. Kristen and Ms. Nicole-THANK YOU for always taking the time to speak with me on any concerns I may have had, or for a quick chat. As well as answering any questions my daughter had: Why can’t I wear flip flops? LOL! Or stopping to give her a hug or a word of encouragement when she was having a not so great day… or a high five on days she was having a blast.

I know that when we look back at our time at Young Scholars, that while we have many treasured memories it will be certain milestones I will hold dear. You all shared with us so many First’s… when she started crawling and walking. Or goodness when she started talking! The first time she went on the potty or went up and down the slide herself. When she wrote her name or went all the way across the monkey bars. From the day she graduated YS Preschool- to her first day of Kindergarten. And finally one last First-her 1st day of 1st grade, which my daughter insisted had to be shared with her YOUNG SCHOLARS FAMILY! It will be milestones I will look back and treasure.

Although we leave with heavy hearts we will remember all the wonderful teachers, magical memories and of course all the great friends that were made.

Thank You.

-The F. Family

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