Many Thanks

Dear Young Scholars Teachers and Staff,

I wanted to send my letter of appreciation and a big Thank You to all of you for watching, caring for, and teaching my daughter for the past year and a half. Many Thanks to you for providing her with a happy, positive, nurturing learning environment! Our daughter loves her teachers, friends, and activities she does at Young Scholars and will be very sad to be leaving. Through the well organized activity plans, educational and developmental activities, and special attention and care she has learned a lot at Young Scholars. She did learn a lot at Young Scholars and that was one of the few major reasons we chose your center for her care. We are not sure if she will get the same level of knowledge where she will be transferring to. Your staff has always been open to suggestions, listening to concerns I had throughout the year (sickness, cleaning, and incident reports), and was always willing and able to accommodate with her meals. If there were any questions or concerns the staff would always check if it was ok for my daughter to participate on those days. There were also days she had a rough day upon being dropped off and I have seen a select few teachers provide very special attention to my little girl on those days and I Thank You for providing her with that one on one attention during that time of need. You have played a critical role in her development and I am grateful for the attention and learning your center has provided to her.

Because of the special bonds she has had with her teachers and friends, this transition will be difficult for her. We hope to keep in touch with many of you.

Best Regards,

-The H. Family

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