Young Scholars was an Advocate

My husband and I wanted to follow up after our son’s departure from Young Scholars.  We wanted to express our gratitude and well wishes to the fantastic team of directors and educators who worked with me to provide our son with the best daycare experience possible during his ~10 months @ Young Scholars.

We all underwent a discovery process as my son came into our home and into your business last fall.  Initially, we believed his past was the primary reason for his challenges both in and outside of the Young Scholars classroom; however, we discovered that his issues went beyond that time frame.  It was YOUR Picasso educators and directors, Kathy, Cindy, Kristen, and Nicole, that initially believed that my son displayed both hyperactivity and sensory processing disorder tendencies.  In addition, they suggested self-regulation tools such as Chewies and a weighted blanket might be helpful to help our little big man self-regulate.  I want to mention that Kathy took the extra time at the end of each long day, to discuss our son’s activities and actions with my husband to provide additional insight and a sense of deep concern, empathy and care.

We realize that Young Scholars’ primary goal is to provide equal focus and attention on all of the children; we recognize that our son was taking a lot of one-on-one supervision on a consistent basis.  That being said, we are very grateful for the time and effort everyone at Young Scholars, including Chanda and Jena put forth to help our little guy navigate through his little mind and world.

Initially, I was confronted with delays and difficulties obtaining and justifying receiving Early Intervention services for our son; however, your team worked with me to provide letters detailing our son’s behaviors and issues in order to be considered for therapy.  Fortunately, he is now getting professional assistance on a weekly basis and recognized that it can take a collective approach to get these children what they need.   Also, Nicole and Kristen drafted letters for court submission, on our little guy’s behalf, documenting observations made by the team citing his difficulties.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for going the ‘extra mile’ to help us get services and support for our son.    Everyone displayed patience, kindness, support, and great listening skills when I expressed my fears and concerns.

May God continue to bless you and your families for the wonderful work you demonstrated with our son and his new family.

-The R. Family

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